Moscow Community Development Department

Welcome to the City of Moscow Community Development Department on-line permitting portal. You may use this service to apply for permits on-line and view permits currently in our electronic tracking system. If you have any questions please call the permits counter of the Community Development Department at 208.883.7022. Office hours are: 8:00 a.m.  -  5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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Apply Online

You can apply for many different permits online, some permits require a formal review and others may not.

How to Apply for Online Permits

Please utilize the following process to apply for construction permits online.

-‘Apply for Permits” through the City of Moscow’s website via the “I want to” tab or at the Community Development webpage under “Apply for Permits” link.

-Select “Register/Login”, provide the required information for registration or login if previously registered.

-Select “Click to Apply Online”

-If you have plans to submit, you will need to:

-Upload to the Upload Link,

-Provide paper plans delivered in person

-Provide a CD with PDF documents which are not write-protected.

-Upon receipt, the Permits Coordinator will distribute the plans for review by the appropriate departments.

-Select the type of permit you want to apply for.

-Accept the terms and conditions by selecting the check box and then select continue.

-If you have plans, please submit them by selecting Plan Upload Link:

-Search for the address by typing the address numbers only, select the search button and then select the correct address from the list provided. Select yes if the correct address was found. If you do not find the correct address for your application, please contact the Permit Desk as soon as possible: 208-883-7022 or

-Provide the property owner’s information. All areas with * need to be completed.

-Identify if you are the owner doing the work, hiring a licensed contractor, or you are a licensed contractor.

-Provide the requested information. All areas with * need to be completed.

-You will be directed to a form where you will provide the details of your permit in drop down menus as well as a required written description of the project. All areas in RED require information.

-Please provide any additional information specific to the project that you deem important.

-There is a $10 fee to apply online, which is credited to the cost of the permit. This fee prevents spam permits generated by robot programs.

-Selecting Continue… will direct to the payment portion, where you will provide your credit card information through our secure system.

-Upon the completion of the online construction permit application process, the Permit Desk will be electronically notified of the application.

-The Permits Coordinator will review the application for permit and appropriately designate the permit as: Issued, for those permits that do not require plan review or additional fees; Applied for all others.

Please allow at least one full working day for distribution of documents for review, and up to two weeks for complete review. Some complex projects may require a longer review time period.

If you have questions after submitting your online application, please contact the Permit Desk at 208-883-7022 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

My Permits

My Permits allows you to track your permits so you don't have to search for them each time you use the electronic permitting system. You must be logged into your account before you can select any Permits to track.  You may select which permits to track at the bottom of the permit information page from the search screen.